Products and Services

When selecting our products, we put special emphasis on that are of the highest quality to offer you only the best. Visit us and see for yourself.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Iberian
  • Ham and Cured Meats
  • spirits and non-alcoholic drinks
  • honey of the Sierra Morena
  • Typical Sweet
  • quince
  • Pates, vinegars, reductions of Pedro Ximénez
  • Dishes "Packaged"
  • Beer Olives and Pickled
  • Vegetables
  • Organic
  • Wines of Cordoba D.O. Montilla Moriles


  • Turrolate Pollack Reganas Cheeses,
  • Black Garlic
  • Flamenquin Lomo and Ham
  • Burgers
  • Fresh Chorizo
  • Chorizo CRIOLLO
  • Sausages
  • Cooked Dishes "Heat and Ready"

We Have the products whose sale we commissioned to preserve the freshness of the same, receiving them in the store in 24/48 hours, newly packaged and ready-to-eat.


  • Suckling lamb or roasted
  • veal "ecological" or "green" White
  • Veal Category Extra
  • Chicken Category 1th
  • White Pig
  • meat of Iberian pig (from killing)

Our supplier is responsible for slicing, filleting or chop the meat pieces you have chosen with the different options, following a traditional procedure, as if purchased in a butcher shop or supermarket.

Immediately after and individually, each package of meat goes to the vacuum packaging machine to guarantee the freshness and quality of each productkeeping it in industrial cold chambers in order not to lose the qualities of the flesh.

All orders are shipped by refrigerated transport in order not to lose at any time the cold chain.

How to each package in the shipment is packaged individually and is cool, you will be able to consume at the time or freeze it for later consumption.