Bellota Ham 100% Iberian - D.O.

Bellota Ham 100% Iberian - D.O.

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Quality assurance: C.R.D.O. The Los Pedroches and Quality Standard of the Iberian
Race: Pure Iberian Pig
Feeding: Acorn
Healing: 36 months
Source: Region of Los Pedroches (Córdoba)
Part: rear leg integrates

jamón ibérico de bellota prepared in the traditional way by Belloterra, traditional company of Pozoblanco, attached to the Designation of Origin Los Pedroches, which has its own production of Iberian pigs pure and extensive meadows of holm oaks, oaks and cork oaks, in which their pigs are bred and fattened in freedom, taking advantage of the natural resources that this ecosystem offers at the time of (October to February), mainly natural grass and acorns (consuming approximately 9-11 kg of acorns per animal per day).

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